Latest news: the decision to divide Germany in two: the vaccinated will be exempted

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A new ruling has been issued for restrictions on the coronavirus (Kovid-19) in Germany.

According to late-breaking news from AFP, Germany is preparing to ease its viral restrictions on those vaccinated.

The German cabinet today adopted regulations to ease restrictions on people who were fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

The regulations, which have not yet been approved by the lower and upper houses of parliament, may come into force on weekends.

The European Union (EU) wants to implement a similar practice in all member states.


While the move was welcomed by a group of people in the country, it also sparked reactions.

Ute Teichert, president of the Federal Association of Physicians in the Public Health Service (BVÖGD), strongly criticized the decision.

In his statement to the country’s press, Teichert made the following statements;

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“Those who have the coronavirus vaccine or have recovered, for example, exempt from testing upon entering the country will have very bad consequences.”

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