Latest News: US Kabul Airport Statement: We Work Closely with Turkey and Qatar

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Blinken held a press conference at the Foreign Ministry to do assessments on Afghanistan.

Stating that the US mission in Afghanistan continues to work from Doha, the capital of Qatar, Blinken said he will travel to Doha this weekend and meet the Afghans evacuated there.

Blinken said that after Doha he will travel to Berlin, the capital of Germany, where he will hold a meeting on Afghanistan with foreign ministers from 20 countries.

Stating that they are in contact with the Taliban regarding US citizens staying in Afghanistan, Blinken said it would be important for the Taliban to keep their promise to allow those who want to leave the country.

“We are working closely with our partners in Qatar and Turkey to get the capital back on its feet and reopen Kabul airport as soon as possible,” the US minister said. he said.


Stating that the United States will continue to provide humanitarian aid to the Afghan people despite the sanctions against the Taliban, Blinken said, “This aid will come through independent organizations, not the government. noted.

Responding to a question about setting up a government under the leadership of Mullah Abdulgani Brother, one of the main Taliban leaders in Afghanistan, Blinken said he had seen the news on the matter, but nothing had happened. has been finalized yet, so he will comment on this issue in the next few days when this issue becomes clear.

Blinken noted that their expectations are to create an environment in which the emerging government will be inclusive and non-Taliban members will also play a role in government.

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