Latest situation in Spain! 146 people died from Kovid-19 in 3 days

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According to Kovid-19 data that the Health Ministry updated today after August 27, the number of cases in the country has reached 4 million 847,000 298 people.

The loss of life in the epidemic increased by 146 in the last 3 days to reach 84,000 146.

On the other hand, the decline in the number of detected cases per 100,000 people, announced on the basis of the last 14 days, continued and fell to 242.

In Spain, the average occupancy rate of hospitals for Kovid-19 patients is 6.07%.

In the autonomous administrations of Navarre, Andalusia (only 7 municipalities), Catalonia (only 19 municipalities) and Valencia (68 neighborhoods), where Kovid-19 cases are concentrated in the country, a curfew is imposed. after 1 a.m. to midnight (2 a.m. in Andalusia).

The Kovid-19 vaccination process has been completed in 69.01 percent of the country’s population.

Experts say that the 3rd dose of the vaccine can be given to chronic patients during the first stage, while it is also discussed that the vaccine can be given to those under 12 years old.

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