Latest situation of the oil spill from Syria: the TRNC breathed a sigh of relief

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Under Secretary to the Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and Chairman of the Crisis Committee, Hüseyin Amcaoğlu, said investigations into the oil spill originating in Syria and heading to the TRNC were completed after that the UAV taking off from Dalaman reported in two locations and that both areas were clean.

Amcaoğlu assessed the latest situation regarding the oil spill from Syria.

Noting that the first alert zone reported by the UAV is 6 nautical miles north of the Karpaz region, Amcaoğu said that no pollution was found in the area during the inspection of the boats of the coast guard of the command of the security forces of the TRNC.

Amcaoğlu said the second warning point is 21 nautical miles north of the Yenierenköy region and that Turkish coastguard boats are carrying out inspections in the area, but no pollution has been detected.

Stating that as an authorized person, they ensure the flow of information according to information confirmed by all relevant authorities, Amcaoğlu said, “Everyone is saying something. It’s not a magazine affair. The facts must be said, it is not necessary to make an agenda. ” used the expression.

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Noting that there had been no relaxation in the measures taken, Amcaoğlu said all material was kept in the Dipkarpaz region.

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