Lavrov: the refugee problem must be solved as soon as possible

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Lavrov spoke at the joint press conference held in Moscow after meeting with Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Aburrahman Al Sani. Stressing that the humanitarian consequences of the events in Afghanistan are very serious, Lavrov said they were concerned about the increasing influx of refugees from Afghanistan to the territories of neighboring states.


Expressing that most of the refugees will try to cross to Europe and that they will create a serious problem for the countries where they are not invited, Lavrov said: “We stress that this problem must be solved as soon as possible. For that, it is important that all the countries concerned use their means, in particular those whose policies in Afghanistan have provoked such sad events. ” he said.

Criticizing the statement by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg accusing the former government and the Afghan armed forces of the current situation, Lavrov stressed that NATO should assess the situation in Afghanistan in a more adequate, objective and self-critical manner.

Making statements regarding the Syrian question, Lavrov announced that the Syrian Constitutional Committee will resume its work in the near future. Noting that they have provided information on working with Damascus through bilateral channels, with Turkey and Iran, as part of the Astana format, Lavrov said they expect regime delegations and opposition in Geneva will resume work on the constitution in the near future. .

Lavrov also said that Russia has updated its concept of security in the Persian Gulf and released it as an official document of the United Nations Security Council.


Qatari Foreign Minister Al Sani said it was necessary to help the Afghan people in the humanitarian field and stressed the importance of stabilizing the situation in that country. Stating that they discussed the situation at the airport, which must be freely entered into Afghanistan, with Lavrov, Al Sani said the Afghan administration should provide free movement to residents of Qatar and Afghanistan to the ‘airport. Al Sani said: “We have managed to do two charter flights in the last few days. Today, domestic flights operate. Now we are following the technical issues with the Afghan authorities. noted.

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