Lebanese army seizes fuel from closed stations around the country

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According to local sources, the Lebanese army raided gas stations that blocked pumps because new prices were not determined after the Central Bank’s decision to remove the fuel subsidy.

Security forces confiscated tens of thousands of liters of petrol and diesel from closed petrol stations in the towns of Beka and Sur.

In a written statement from the military, it was reported that the seized fuel will be used for generators and agricultural projects, according to official pricing from the Energy Ministry.

It was reported that military operations against closed stations in all cities across the country are continuing.

The Lebanese military announced today that after the Central Bank’s decision to remove the fuel subsidy, because the new prices were not determined, gas stations that blocked pumps would be raided and stockpiled. Any fuel seized would be confiscated and these fuels would be delivered to the public.


In Lebanon, where the biggest economic crisis occurred in 30 years, the state subsidized the daily consumption of around 12 million liters of fuel through the Central Bank.

In the written statement made by the Central Bank, it was indicated that the foreign currency loans to be provided for fuel, to be implemented from August 12, would be calculated on the free exchange rate (black market) on the market. instead of the official rate and therefore the fuel subsidy would be removed.

It was also noted in the press release that the price of fuel to be put on the market would be determined by the Ministry of Energy.

Almost every gas station in the country has shut down pumps as the Energy Ministry kept the old price despite the subsidy being removed.

While it is difficult to supply power plants with fuel due to the country’s foreign currency liquidity problem, daily power cuts can be up to 20 hours across the country for weeks.

Owners of neighborhood generators, which provide electricity to the public during hours when the Lebanese Electricity Authority cannot provide service, say they are buying diesel from the black market at exorbitant prices since the fuel supplied by the Central Bank at low rates cannot be found in the market, and keep the bills higher than it.
While the drivers who have been waiting for hours outside gas stations in many parts of the country for two days since the early hours of the morning, returning without gasoline, the owners of various institutions and businesses, including hospitals and bakeries who do not can find diesel for power producers, are trying to make their voice heard to the authorities for a solution.

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