Left-wing candidate Castillo wins presidential election in Peru

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According to the latest data released by the Office of National Electoral Processes (ONPE), in the second round of the election, in which the 2 candidates who received the most votes in the 1st round on April 11, Peru Free Left Party Le candidate Castillo received 8 million 804 thousand 439 votes, with 50.19 percent.

According to uncertain results in Peru, where 100 percent of the vote was counted, right-wing People’s Power Party candidate Keiko Fujimori is in second place with 8 million 735 thousand 472 votes, with 49.80 percent.

In the first results announced by the ONPE, Fujimori took first place with 52.46% of the vote, while Castillo managed to get ahead of his opponent, albeit narrowly, with the inclusion of open ballot boxes in rural areas. in the system.

Although it is not yet clear when the official results will be announced in the country where the vote count has been completed, Castillo supporters have started the celebrations by shouting victory.

On the other hand, Fujimori announced that he would oppose around 200,000 votes in 86 ballot boxes, claiming that there had been fraud in the elections.

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In a statement made today, Castillo stressed that they would wait until the official results are announced in calm and peace, and called on his supporters not to come to the provocation.


In the first round of the country’s presidential election held on April 11, left-wing candidate Castillo finished the race in first place with 19.83 percent of the vote, while right-wing candidate Fujimori took second place with 13.37%.

The candidate who wins the elections will take over the new government on July 28, the 200th anniversary of Peru’s independence, and serve for terms of 2021-2026.

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