Legendary band returns with new album after 40 years

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The group, which split in 1982, also announced their digital concert series, which will be held in London in May 2022 and will bear the same name as the album.

The concerts will take place at the specially constructed ABBA Arena in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.


The quartet, consisting of Benny Andersson, Agnetha Fältskog, Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Björn Ulvaeus, today released both songs which will be included in the album via digital platforms.

The first of the two songs, “I Still Have Done In You”, is a romantic ballad on the piano about the bond between the members of the group.

Speaking at the press launch in London on Thursday, Bjorn Ulvaeus said of the song: “When Benny played the first tune I knew the song was about us.”

Bjorn continued:

“It’s about realizing how amazing it is to be where we are. To release an album 40 years later, still being best friends, still enjoying each other’s work and, of course. , being very faithful … What imagination would it take? Who went through that? No one. ”

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The second track, “Don’t Shut Me Down” is a mini melodrama on Abba’s classic “The Day Before You Came”. In the song sung by Agnetha Faltskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, a woman returns years later to her ex-boyfriend: “You asked me not to break up. Well, here I am again. And I love you. always”


The group’s reunion was considered unlikely for years. In fact, the group reportedly turned down a billion dollar tour offer in 2000.

In a 2013 BBC interview, Agnetha said she preferred to leave Abba in the past.

Agnetha explained, “Abba was something that happened a long time ago. Now we are getting older and each of us has a different life.”

Agnetha, who was unable to attend Thursday’s launch but made a statement about the album, said she “didn’t know what to expect when they finally got together in 2018”.

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“But Benny’s studio was such a warm and friendly place. I knew I was going to enjoy it before!”

Benny added, “It was such a pleasure to meet the four of us in the studio and hear about Frida and Agnetha again.”

However, Benny also admitted he was nervous before the first recording:

“Five minutes before they got to the studio, I was like, ‘Are they still singing?’ Should I have asked? But they did. You’ll hear it when you listen to the tapes. “

Neither singer attended the press launch held at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

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Bjorn joked: “Of course they should have been here. But it’s as good as Benny. [reklamdan] They don’t like it, ”he said.


The new album will be played at their concert in London in May 2022.

A 10-person live band will accompany the digital versions of the band members on stage in the 6-night concert series.

Tickets for the concert, where music lovers will listen to 22 of the group’s most popular hits, go on sale September 7 with prices starting at £ 21.

The digital versions, called “Abba-tars”, were designed by Industrial Light and Magic, the visual effects company of Star Wars creator George Lucas.

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A team of over 850 people recreated musicians who are now 70 years old using motion capture technology.

Producer Ludvig Andersson described the digital concert project as follows: “Four musicians took the stage in front of 160 camera and visual effects geniuses, playing and performing the songs perfectly for five weeks. “

“When you watch the show, you will be watching the real ones, not the four Abba impersonators.”

Explaining why the concerts are held in London, Bjorn said: “London is the best city to go to when it comes to entertainment, theater and musicals. And we have always thought the Brits saw us as their children.”

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Featuring the band’s hit songs, Mamma Mia !, composed by Ulvaeus and Andersson! The musical has been watched by 50 million people.

At their peak, the marriages between Ulvaeus and Faltskog and Lyngstad and Andersson had dissolved, but the group managed to overcome these issues.

In 1982, however, the band members announced that they were terminating their work.

Despite this, the group released Mamma Mia! They met at various events, such as the singer’s opening and ABBA themed restaurant in Sweden recently.

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