Libyan government decided to sign the Paris climate agreement

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According to information broadcast by Libyan state television, Dibeybe attended a ceremony in the capital Tripoli on the occasion of World Environment Day.

In his speech, Dibeybe said: “Libya is one of the few countries not to have signed the Paris Climate Agreement, and the government of national unity decided to sign this agreement today with pride. and responsibility “. mentionned.

Noting that the climate deal was accepted late compared to most countries, Dibeybe said the deal would be sent to parliament for approval.

Reiterating Libya’s interest in global environmental issues, Dibeybe said, “We share the world’s concern regarding the increasing pressure on the ecosystem and natural resources. mentionned.

The Libyan Prime Minister stressed the importance of cooperation through the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Climate Agreement in order to achieve the main objective of limiting the increase in temperature global and keep it within reasonable limits.

Dibeybe added that his country is among the countries most affected by the negative reflections of climate change due to its climate and its geographical location.

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