Long litigation concluded: Kafka’s manuscripts published on the Internet

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The National Library of Israel has published on its website a collection of manuscripts, letters and drawings by famous author Franz Kafka. Ownership of the collection, which is defined as a rare historical artifact, has been left with the National Library of Israel following a lengthy dispute.

The manuscripts, letters and drawings that Franz Kafka gave his friend Max Brod to burn before his death have been published online by the National Library of Israel after years of restoration and digitalization. Stating that the Kafka Collection can be viewed on the library’s website, officials said there are three drafts of her story titled Ülkede Wedding Preparations.

Among the personal documents that Kafka left his friend Max Brod to burn before he died of tuberculosis in 1924; There are three drafts of the 1907 story Preparations for the Country Wedding, the notebook he worked in in Hebrew, and autobiographical manuscripts from 1909.

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Kafka’s drawings are also on display in the collection, along with notes from Kafka’s travels to Switzerland, Italy and France in 1911, and letters written to Max and Sophie Brod.


The collection of Franz Kafka, one of the world’s most important writers, was brought to Israel in 1939 by his friend Brod. The works were inherited first from Esther Hoffe, Brod’s secretary, then to his daughters, Eva Hoffe and Ruth Wiesler.

The National Library of Israel sued the sisters, arguing that Brod had bequeathed the works to the library. After years of litigation, in 2016 the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that Kafka’s handwritten works belonged to the National Library of Israel.

Library officials presented the Kafka collection to the public on the Internet after years of restoration and digitization work.

Long trial over: Kafka's manuscripts published online

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