Marta Lucia Ramirez as new Minister of Foreign Affairs

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President Ivan Duque, in a statement at the Casa de Narino presidential palace, said that Vice President Ramirez had been appointed as the new Minister of Foreign Affairs, “Ramirez has a great career in politics and the private sector. And I wanted him to strengthen ties in the defense account, ”he said.

Emphasizing the importance of strengthening Colombia’s bilateral relations in the world and at the same time increasing its capacity for representation in multilateral organizations, Duque said: “ Our country is committed to reaffirming its democratic spirit. , to defend without limits the democratic values ​​which characterize the nation, respectful of human rights. ” mentionned.

“We need the world to see Colombia’s freedoms, its democratic values, its commitment to the principles and dignity of every Colombian,” Minister Ramirez said in a statement regarding his new mandate. found the evaluation.

Ramirez has served as vice president of the current government since August 2018.

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