Martyrs of the Resistance of Erenköy and Topel commemorated in Cyprus

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Stating that Cengiz Topel carried from the land of Cyprus to his cemetery in Edirnekapı last week, TRNC President Ersin Tatar said: “We have shown the world in Erenköy that we are ready to die for the good. from the country, the motherland, Turkey to rescue. “At the ceremony attended by ministers, political party leaders, military officials and civilians coming from the Greek Cypriot border by bus, President Tatar said that the Greek Cypriot attacks had taken place in front of the UN at that time.

Tombs visit

During the ceremonies in Erenköy, 510 civilian Turkish Cypriots who came to Erenköy, 15 kilometers from the TRNC border, on board 44 UN-controlled buses, also visited the graves of the cemetery. The relatives of the martyrs experienced moments of emotion. Today there is a Turkish military unit and a martyr in Erenköy, which is surrounded by Greeks on three sides, apart from the TRNC, and there are no civilians.

Turkey made its first intervention in Cyprus with an air operation in Erenköy in 1964, the pilot captain Cengiz Topel, whose plane was shot down and captured by the Greeks, was tortured on August 8, 1964.

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