Massacre under the name of ‘Festival’! They killed thousands without mercy

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The Faroe Islands, located in the north-west of Scotland and in the south-east of Iceland, are an autonomous administration of Denmark. Although the autonomous Faroe Islands are little known to many, this region of breathtaking beauty in the North Atlantic Ocean is a slice of paradise with its nature, landscapes, small population and features to be discovered. .

It covers an area of ​​1,339 square kilometers and about 50,000 people live in the Faroe Islands in Denmark.

In the Faroe Islands, whose capital is Torshavn, in addition to breeding, fishing is the main source of income.

However, the Faroe Islands are not as innocent as they seem from the outside.

The Faroe Islands are the scene of a terrible massacre between June and September each year. Pilot whales migrating to the Danish coast are captured and slaughtered by traditional fishermen who call themselves “hunters”.

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In the Faroe Islands, 1,428 whales and dolphins were killed this year during the annual Grindadrap festival.

Local media reported that 1,428 animals were killed by locals this year, in the dolphin and whale hunting tradition called “Grindadrap” dating back to the 1500s.

It is estimated that 1,428 whales and dolphins have been killed in the Faroe Islands this year, the highest number since the tradition began.

In the tradition that has continued since 1584, it has been recorded that the highest number of whales and dolphins were killed in 2013 with 430.

The tradition continues to be condemned by environmentalists around the world.

It is stated that the majority of sea creatures hunted are bottlenose dolphins and bald dolphins.

Whales and dolphins have been killed by the inhabitants of the Faroe Islands using knives, hooks and even spears while being trapped on the shore of their migration. This savage “tradition” is so terrifying that the footage recorded using drones and photographs of the area clearly shows that the color of the seawater is changing and the whole place is crimson.

Pilot whales migrate off the Danish coast every year. When the whales, forced to swim along the coast by fishermen, tire and slow down, fishermen approach in boats. Fishermen who approach whales begin their hunt. Fishermen who jump into the sea injure the whales and drag them to shore.

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Massacre in the name of the festival They killed thousands without mercy

The great massacre begins after that. helpless whales on the shallow shore, and often the dolphins that swim with them, are mercilessly killed by hunters’ knives and other slaughtering weapons.

Whaling is prohibited in Denmark, but there is no such law on the island. Fishermen, on the other hand, carry out this action every year, causing great damage to the whales. Hundreds of thousands of whales remaining on earth and their numbers dwindling are threatened with extinction.

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