May 19 message from the Tatar President of the TRNC to young people

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President Tatar attended Bayrak Radio Television (BRT) “Headline” program online on the occasion of May 19, Ataturk commemoration, Youth and Sports Day, and met with young people.

Prime Minister of the TRNC Ersan Saner and Minister of National Education and Culture Olgun Amcaoğlu also participated in the program, as well as young people from the TRNC, Turkey, Great Britain and Azerbaijan.

Expressing his joy to be with young people, Tatar said that great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk underlined the importance given to youth and sports and said that he gave this day to young people.

Tatar stressed that Ataturk ensured the declaration of the republic by freeing him from captivity and that this struggle was an inspiration for the struggle of the Turkish Cypriots for sovereignty and existence. mentionned.

Tatar continued as follows:

“Protect the state with our national conscience, our spirituality, our honor and our dignity. The young people will essentially protect this state. Protect and protect the TRNC. No young Turk will be under the Greek yoke. We have a state, a republic. Believe in the TRNC, It is extremely important to protect, protect and continue our work with this awareness. ”

Tatar addressed the young participants from Azerbaijan and said that they closely follow the Karabakh struggle and that cooperation, communication and dialogue are important for the development of relations with the Azerbaijani “gardash”.

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