Media stunt for Iran! This is how the United States warned

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The repercussions of the US seizure of Iran-based Press TV and the websites of two media organizations continue.

After this much-talked-about step from the US, Iran’s expected declaration has arrived.

Mahmoud Vaezi, director of the presidential office, warned Washington that the move was not “constructive” for the ongoing talks on the nuclear deal.

Stating that “we are using all international and legal means to condemn this bad US policy,” Vaezi used the following expressions;

“This situation does not seem constructive as negotiations continue for an agreement on the nuclear issue”

Users who accessed the Press TV website yesterday were told that the website had been seized by the US administration, as required by certain laws.

In the statement made by the United States, “The seized websites were investigated by the United States Department of Commerce, Industry and Safety, the Export Practices Office and the Federal Bureau. of Investigation (FBI). National Security Unit, Epileptic Seizure Counterintelligence and Export Control Unit. ”Information has been included.


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These US laws allow the seizure of property involved in the trade or manufacture, import, sale or distribution of controlled substances in nuclear, chemical, biological and radiological weapon technology and materials.

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