Merkel announced: Critical vaccine decisions in fight against coronavirus in Germany

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According to the Kovid-19 measures adopted at the meeting held by Chancellor Angela Merkel and 16 Prime Ministers of State via video conference, as of August 23, those who are vaccinated will not be subject to any restrictions in their daily lives, while those who do not will face certain restrictions.

“We still need basic protective measures for the whole population, especially at a time when only 55.1% of the population is fully vaccinated,” Merkel said after the meeting. noted.

Emphasizing that every citizen in the country is given the opportunity to be vaccinated, Merkel said: “As long as the vaccine is effective, we cannot say that an unvaccinated person should not use their rights as a citizen. . he said.


Under the new rules, summarized as “3G”, a testing requirement has been introduced for those who have not been vaccinated in the country at all entrances to indoor premises.

To enter hospitals, nursing homes, indoor restaurants, places of worship, weddings, meetings, hairdressers and gymnasiums and indoor swimming pools, proof of vaccination or proof of illness will be required.

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Those who are not vaccinated in areas where the incidence value is greater than 35 will have to undergo mandatory testing.

As of October 11, unvaccinated adults will not be able to benefit from free Kovid-19 testing.

These people will have to pay the test costs, which average 15 euros.

Free coronavirus testing will continue to be offered only to people who cannot be vaccinated due to health concerns, pregnant women, children and adolescents under the age of 18.

The rule of mask and distance in the country will continue.

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