Merkel’s First Generation Immigrant Appreciation Award

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Merkel presented the award to Zeynep Gürsoy, mother of Dilek Gürsoy, who was selected as Germany’s doctor of the year in 2019, at the ceremony held at the Chancellery, and thanked Germany for her contributions. Talisman Awards were also presented to representatives of the first generation from Croatia, Vietnam and South Korea at the ceremony.

Zeynep Gürsoy arrived in Germany with her husband in 1971 as part of family reunification. Zeynep Gürsoy, who worked in a car factory in Germany for 47 years, said she was touched that Merkel did not forget the first generation immigrants and said: “I always say that I have two homelands. Germany was initially just a breadwinner for us. But over the years we had children, they were born here, we took root and this country became a homeland for us.

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