Merkel’s Pandemic Confessions: Huge Investments Needed!

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In her speech at the German Industry Day meeting, Merkel drew attention to the fact that some sectors may still need more help after the economic crisis caused by Kovid-19 .

Stressing that Germany needs “giant” investments, Merkel stressed that businesses and the public are obliged to do so.

“We are going to have to spend huge sums over the next few years,” Merkel said. Calling for more private investment in high tech, Merkel stressed that investments in this area will require state aid.

German Chancellor Merkel, using the phrase “I want to be honest, there are many areas where we can no longer differentiate ourselves without state aid”, cited as examples investments in drums, quantum technology, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and microchip production.

Explaining that it is difficult to establish an industrial consortium to build a quantum computer, Merkel stressed the importance of public support in technologies that require high investment.

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Merkel said that the economic recovery in Germany after the pandemic is faster than that of other European countries, and noted that Germany’s strong budget is the advantage.

Explaining that fiscal discipline will be required in the public sector in the coming years, Merkel said it will be a very difficult task when investments are needed.

On the other hand, while investments in high-tech fields, particularly semiconductors, are gaining attention in the United States and China, it has been a subject of debate among the German public that the technologies that have revolutionized the economy in recent years come from these countries. .

Therefore, the German economy expects the government to have to make significant financial investments to reduce the risks.

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