Message from Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis to Turkey at the UN! “I will make every effort”

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(AA-Photo: AP) Commenting on the tension between Turkey and Greece for over a year, Mitsotakis said Greece still wants to keep the channels of dialogue with Turkey open, and does not want the tension between the two countries to recur. in 2020.

Mitsotakis said Greece will continue to protect its sovereign rights and said Greece has been threatened with the use of force since 1995 due to Turkey’s “casus belli” decision.

Arguing that by cooperating with Turkey it is possible to fight together new common enemies, Miçotakis noted that cooperation can be established with Turkey on the climate crisis and the refugee problem.

Expressing that the history and geography connect the two countries, Mitsotakis said: “I will spare no effort to continue seeking cooperation with Turkey.” noted.

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