Message of condolence from Turkey for those who lost their lives in the typhoon in the Philippines

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In a written statement made by the ministry, it was noted that Typhoon Conson, which hit the Philippines, caused death and injury to many people, and it was sadly learned that material damage had occurred.

The statement read: “We extend our sincere condolences to the loved ones of those who lost their lives, as well as to the friendly people and government of the Philippines, and wish a speedy recovery to those injured.” expression was used.

In the statement made by the National Council for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management of the Philippines (NDRRMC), it was stated that around 9,000 buildings were damaged and transport disrupted due to Typhoon Conson, which has been effective in the central part of the country.

In the statement, it was reported that the death toll rose to 17 after another 14 people lost their lives in disasters and accidents caused by the typhoon, and it was noted that 7 missing people were searched and 24 people were injured.

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