Message of unity and solidarity from TRNC President Ersin Tatar

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TRNC President Tatar met young people in an interview titled “The Struggle for the Existence of Turkish Cypriots on the Island from the Past to the Present” held at the Konya Science Center in Konya, where he came to various visits.

Emphasizing that Turkey and the TRNC can protect the national and national interests of the Blue Homeland and the Eastern Mediterranean, Tatar said: “I love Turkey, I am close to Turkey, not only politically, but also to develop all kinds of cooperation such as non-governmental organizations and municipalities. I want to increase the faith of our young people, in particular in the Cypriot cause, this national cause. ” he said.

Tatar said there was a lot to be said about Cyprus and Cyprus was on the agenda every day.

Stating that Turkey and TRNC are mainstreamed in increasing communication opportunities, Tatar said:

“Two politically distinct states, because world law dictates it. We never thought differently. We are working to strengthen the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. We also receive very strong support from Turkey in all the senses. As a result, we are one with Turkey, we are now with Turkey. In the world of communication, what is happening in Cyprus right now can be watched all over Turkey. happening in Turkey can be watched in Cyprus, with us, at the same time. Your support is very precious to me. What we call public opinion starts from young people and spreads slowly. Cyprus is a homeland, even if This is a separate state which Turkey values ​​very much, and increasing your relations with young people and establishing new ones are important steps for the future.

Tatar then answered the questions of the young people.

On the question about Covered Maraş, Tatar said:

“Maraş has been closed for 47 years. We showed this will when I was Prime Minister. When we look at the realities of Cyprus, Turkey’s presence and support in this struggle is extremely important. Therefore, I shared this question with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan So that the owners can return to their properties, but within the borders of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The whole island was ours, but the circumstances have changed. In 1878, when the Ottomans handed Cyprus over to England, the population was 50,000 Turks, 100,000 Greeks, 50,000 in between. These 50,000 come and go every day. In 1960 100,000 became 50,000 for us, 400,000 became 100,000 for the Greeks. In other words, during the British period, the Greco-Greek duo turned the population against us by attracting populations from other islands. Look at the European Union today, the Greek Cypriot administration with a population of 700,000 has the same rights as Germany in a way. He has a right of veto. At any point in the relationship between the 450 million strong European Union and the Republic of Turkey, the Greek side has said: “I do not approve of this, I am using my veto”. He can stop the lesson. “

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