Messages of “cooperation” with the Taliban around the world – Latest news

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The messages published by these countries concerning the Taliban are as follows:

ABD: President Joe Biden said his country was in “close contact” with the Taliban. Biden noted that the Taliban, who took the country under their control, told the organization that any attack on the Americans would give a “swift and strong response.” Speaking at a White House press conference, the US president said he and his secretary of state, Antony Blinken, were working with the allies to “exert international pressure” on the Taliban.

ENGLAND: Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he could work with the Taliban to “find a solution” for Afghanistan. After his meeting with the UK government’s Cobra emergency committee, Johnson said: “We see that the situation at the airport has stabilized,” and said: “Political and diplomatic efforts will continue to find a solution. in Afghanistan. Of course, if necessary, collaboration with the Taliban will continue, ”he said.

RUSSIA: “We have to accept the fact that the Taliban control almost all of the country,” President Vladimir Putin said for the first time the day before after the Taliban took control of most of Afghanistan. “I hope the Taliban will keep their promises to restore order in Afghanistan, the security of foreign diplomatic missions and prevent terrorists from crossing into neighboring countries,” Putin said.

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CHINESE: Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced that Beijing would not view the Taliban as a legitimate authority until a new legitimate government was formed in Afghanistan, but was ready to work with the organization. Vang Yi added that the international community should support Afghanistan instead of putting pressure on him during the formation of a new government. Minister Wang said, “The international community should encourage and guide Afghanistan in a positive way instead of exerting more pressure.

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