Minister Institution announced: The construction of 952 houses and 170 village houses has started in Kastamonu, Sinop and Bartın.

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The Minister of Environment and Urbanization Murat Kurum carried out investigations in the Bozkurt district of Kastamonu. Minister Murat Kurum met industrial traders. The institution issued a press release on the latest situation in Kastamonu, Bartın and Sinop, which were affected by the floods.

Minister Kurum said that all units are working 24/7, and said: “Thousands of construction equipment, our teams, our AFAD, our Red Crescent, our Gendarmerie, our General Directorate of construction and urban transformation, TOKİ, our Iller bank, all our units are actively working in the field 24/7. He said: “Since yesterday, we have completed most of the works that need to be usually be done urgently. to our teams. May God be pleased with all of our employees, volunteers, non-governmental organizations and all staff in our state.


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Stating that all sewerage, drinking water and rainwater pipes for the infrastructure will be renewed in Bozkurt, the Authority said that it had started the works and that the tender had been realized: “I want to thank our brothers from Kastamonu, Bartın and Sinop. They took part in this struggle. They had pain, but that day they forgot about the pain. , they helped their loved ones. They never left us alone, they have always supported us. We saw that we and our fellow citizens, who trusted their state, nation and president, went through this process together. In order not to embarrass them, we had to work quickly and meet the needs of our fellow citizens. We searched for our fellow citizens under the rubble. , we have started the work on both the damaged joinery and the production to be done inside so that the commercial activities of our craftsmen can be carried out here as soon as possible. i, we quickly started the storefront renovation process. We brought our containers for the establishment of temporary workplaces for our traders who were damaged here, as we did before in Giresun, and we installed our containers so that our fellow citizens can continue their commercial activities here ” , did he declare.


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Stating that they have started the production of infrastructure with İller Bank and the municipality with around 18 million lira only in the district of Bozkurt, Minister Kurum said: “We will produce natural gas simultaneously with our ministry of Energy. Within 3 months, the infrastructure here will be completely renewed. In order to carry out our work quickly, our teams from 4 branches. As much the evacuation of our fellow citizens on the face of the stream, our gendarmerie, our municipality, the teams of our ministry will accompany our fellow citizens to move towards new In this process, our section of stream, which is again threatened flooding, will expand by providing rent and resettlement assistance. We do this by providing furniture and rent assistance, ”he said.

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Noting that the construction of commercial units has started today, the Institution said: “We have again launched the call for tenders for our industrial sites of Kastamonu Bozkurt and Abana. As we had promised to our citizens, our new place with its place, its pedestrian paths, its cafes and libraries, our young people, including the pedestrian paths, the cafes and the libraries, will make the call for tenders for this neighborhood as soon as possible. We will keep our promises, ”he said.


Minister Kurum continued his remarks by stating that after one year, citizens of all affected regions will be able to continue with their lives in their new homes and places of work:

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“Our dream is that after 1 year, we hope that our citizens will live in these new residences in all the disaster areas, be it in Antalya, Rize, Elazig, Malatya, as well as in Kastamonu, Sinop and Bartın”, he declared. dreams of the days when our young people spend time laughing and running in the square, and we carry out our work with dreams. Our only goal is to receive the prayers of our fellow citizens. Within this framework, 872 houses, 40 village houses in Kastamonu, 80 houses and 110 village houses in Sinop, Bartın, the construction of a total of 952 residences and 170 village houses, including 20 village houses, has started . We have launched our tender for industrial sites in Bozkurt and Abana, and we hope to have completed the construction of our industrial site in Ayancık soon. We came out with the support of our nation, I hope we will overcome these difficulties together. May God have mercy on our 82 citizens who lost their lives. I hung My condolences to his relatives. I send my best wishes to all Kastamonu, Sinop and Bartın. “

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