Moments that shocked the world … Afghans threw their babies on barbed wire to save them from the Taliban!

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Despite moderate statements by the Taliban, who entered the capital Kabul on Sunday and took control of the country, many people have found the solution to flee the country or go into hiding. While the country is in utter chaos, especially the airport in the capital, Kabul, is teeming with Afghan citizens who even risk their deaths to board the planes of Western powers leaving the country.

In a statement earlier today, NATO said 12 people have been killed at Kabul airport since Sunday, and warning fires have opened in the area and the stampede has caused these. death.

The Taliban, who opened fire on protesters and killed three people yesterday, said they did not intend to hurt anyone and called on Afghans waiting at the airport to return home to leave the country .

On the other hand, it has been stated that Afghanistan’s Independence Day, which is celebrated today, may increase anti-Taliban protests, while the United States and other Western countries have stepped up. their attempts to evacuate their citizens and some Afghans from the country.

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Kabul airport, on the other hand, is always full of Afghan citizens who wish to flee the country, even if they cannot leave the country, but wish to take their babies and children abroad with Westerners or Afghans. allowed to leave the country. .

Even though the scramble at the airport reaches a level that endangers the lives of those around them, everyone tries to escape risking death. Desperate Afghans on their way to the airport, especially women with young children, were seen throwing their babies over barbed wire as US soldiers waited with guns to disperse the crowds.

Moments that shocked the world ... Afghans threw babies on barbed wire to save them from the Taliban

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace has insisted that Westerners are allowed to pass through the Taliban’s steel ring around the airport, after reports on Wednesday that British and German passport holders do not could not pass and the planes took off half empty. “We have not returned a single empty plane home,” added the British Defense Minister, “and we will use all possible spaces in our planes.” used his statements.

Wallace also urged people not to give babies to British troops inside the airport compound, saying unaccompanied children will not be taken on flights out of the country.

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However, the Afghans, who thought they had no other choice, nevertheless embarked on a desperate race to get their babies over the barbed wire to the other side, risking their lives and dangers. that of their children.

Moments that shocked the world ... Afghans threw babies on barbed wire to save them from the Taliban

Images of the incident were recorded second by second and shared repeatedly on news channels and social media platforms, once again revealing the fear and despair experienced by the Afghan right.

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