Montenegro is looking for its laziest citizen: The price is 300 euros!

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Traditionally held in the ethno-village of Brezna, near the town of Niksic in the Balkan country, Montenegro, the traditional “laziness contest” has started. In the competition, which was held for the tenth time with eight participants this year, the candidate who won the title of “laziest citizen” will receive a prize worth 300 euros.

According to the competition rules, unique in Europe, while competitors lying down are allowed to sleep, meet their food and drink needs, read books and use the telephone, standing is considered a violation of the rules. rules.

Mico Blagojevic, owner of the ethno-village of Brezna and organizer of the contest, told Anadolu (AA) agency that they decided to organize such a contest because Montenegrins are known as lazy people.

Stating that there are both hardworking and very lazy people among the Montenegrins, Blagojevic said: “There doesn’t seem to be any common ground, that’s where the idea of ​​organizing the competition. People come to make friends rather than money. ” noted.

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Noting that changes have been made to the competition rules this year, Blagojevic said: “Unlike in previous years, competitors were allowed to use the toilet every eight hours. Although this was not the case before, the longest record was 52 hours. .” he said.

“We believe that thanks to the new rules, we will find the ‘laziest citizen’ of Montenegro. We will prove to the people that Montenegrins can also make money by going to bed,” Blagojevic said. used his statements.

Marko, who entered the competition for the first time, also said that he enjoys spending time in nature: “First of all, I participate for fun, but the cash prize should not be ignored. he said.

Duda, a competitor of Capital Podgorica, said: “I have rested, but I would like to receive the cash prize. The winner receives the prize of 300 euros, which is not a small amount of money.” noted.

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