More than 2 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccine have been manufactured worldwide

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According to the “” website, where Kovid-19 vaccine data is compiled, China is the country with the most vaccines with 704 million 830,000 doses, while China is the United States with 296 million. 910,000, India with 221 million 40 thousand, Brazil with 68 million 920 thousand England with 65 million 660 thousand, Germany with 52 million 780 thousand, France with 37 million 450 thousand, Italy with 35 million 820 thousand, Mexico with 31 million 810 thousand, Russia with 29 million 790 thousand, Turkey with 29 million 682 thousand, It was followed by Indonesia with 27 million 620 thousand, Spain with 27 million 610 thousand, Canada with 24 million 520 thousand and Poland with 21 million 170 thousand.

The vaccine applied against Kovid-19 worldwide has reached 2 billion 20 million doses.

While Seychelles is the country with the highest immunization dose per 100 people relative to the population, the number of doses per 100 people was 136.74 in the country where the number of doses administered exceeded the country’s population. .

These countries are the United Arab Emirates with 132.11, San Marino with 126.51, Israel with 122.33, Malta with 119.72, Bahrain with 104.32, Chile with 98.84, Mongolia with 98, 65, 96.72 England with 92.15, Qatar with 90.26, the United States with 88.78, the Maldives with 88.41, Uruguay with 83.75, Monaco with 76.52, Iceland with 75.85 and the South with 71.01, followed by Cyprus.

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According to data from the Ministry of Health, 29 million 682,000 697 doses of Kovid-19 vaccine have been administered in Turkey so far.

While Turkey ranks 11th in the world in terms of total number of vaccines, the number of vaccines per 100 people was 35.16. The first dose of 16 million 938 thousand 895 people and the second dose of 12 million 743 thousand 842 people were administered.

Kovid-19 vaccines, which have been approved for emergency use or use to date, are administered intermittently in two doses except one. Therefore, the number of doses administered does not mean that the same number of individuals have been vaccinated.

According to the “Worldometers” website, where Kovid-19 data is compiled, the number of cases worldwide has exceeded 172 million 748,000, more than 3 million 708,000 people have died.

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