Morocco was inspired by the experience of Turkey to prepare its economic program.

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The president of the Moroccan Development Committee, Shekib Bensumi, told a press conference in the capital Rabat today that Turkey’s experiences have also been used when preparing the country’s new economic program.

In his statement, Bensumi said that the contribution of private companies to the development of the economy in developing countries such as Turkey is important.

“For example, a private company contributes 10 percent of the country’s total exports (Turkey). It holds more than 2,000 patents,” Bensumi said. mentionned.

Stating that a common policy should be implemented between the public and private sectors in Morocco, Bensumi said the phrase “Made in Morocco” should be written on products exported abroad in order to effectively contribute to the economy. from the country.

On the other hand, referring to the energy costs in Morocco, Bensumi said that the price of electricity in the country reached $ 0.12 per kilowatt hour, the same level as in France, but did not exceed 0, $ 07 in Turkey.

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