Ms. Macron heads the Elysee

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The book draws attention to the influence of Brigitte Macron in the administration. Explaining that Emmanuel Macron is very much in love with his wife, who is 25 years older than him, Tchakaloff said: “The president calls his wife every 1h30. They know what the other is doing, minute by minute. Claiming that Brigitte controls her husband’s schedule, the author said: “Madam, she even interferes with the visiting hours of guests by giving orders to Elysee staff.


A name close to the Macron couple, whose name is not disclosed in the book, noted that Brigitte devotes her life to the success of her husband. The same source said that at the start of their relationship and when Emmanuel Macron was still a university student, the two showed a lot of affection in public. In the book, Emmanuel Macron’s mother, Françoise Nogues, described Brigitte Macron as a “friend like no other”. Tchakaloff, close to the Macron couple since 2016, wrote the book on his own initiative.

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