MSB response to US Senator: Efforts to show the Turkish soldier as an invader bring no benefit

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Making assessments on developments in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean at the National Defense Ministry briefing yesterday, Major Pınar Kara, without mentioning Menendez’s name, said: two equal, sovereign and independent states . In Cyprus, two states based on sovereign equality, living side by side and cooperating is the only solution. The reason for our existence on the island is only to protect the lives of Turkish Cypriots. Efforts to show the Turkish military presence as an invader on the island will not cover up Greek massacres in Cyprus’ history and benefit neither the Greco-Greek duo nor their supporters. In accordance with the Guarantee and Alliance Agreements, we stand alongside our Cypriot brothers and sisters today as in the past. As a guarantor state, Turkey will continue to be the guarantor of peace, tranquility and security on the island of Cyprus within the framework of international agreements and legitimate rights deriving from international law.

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