Muslim UK MP described Islamophobic attacks in tears

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Zarah Sultana, a Muslim Labor MP in England, said Islamophobia is very real in England, and tearfully described the Islamophobic and racist attacks she has faced since entering parliament as as a muslim woman.

Sultana gave examples of her experiences during a parliamentary committee session on Islamophobia.

Expressing that she was nervous about being a Muslim woman in front of the public before being elected MP, Sultana stressed that she had seen the abuses that major British Muslims were subjected to growing up.

Sultana said: “I knew it would not be an easy trip. I mean I was wrong to worry today when Muslim teenage girls ask me how it is going I would like to say that it is not. There is nothing to worry about, that they will face the same difficulties as their non-Muslim friends and colleagues. But Mr President, I honestly cannot say that because during my short time in Parliament. is not my experience, he said.

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Sultana, who read examples of Islamophobic and racist articles sent to her, continued:

“For example, one person wrote to me: ‘Sultan, you and your Muslim crowd are a real danger to mankind’, another wrote to me that everywhere I went ‘I am the wrong thing’ and soon , ‘Europe is going to throw you up.’ Third, he called me a “terrorist sympathizer and scum of the world,” and they are the ones who have been stripped of their unparliamentary language. “

Sultana said she discovered that being a Muslim woman, being outspoken, being on the left, is prone to racism and hatred.

Stating that some treated her as “the enemy of the country in which she was born” and “as if she did not belong there,” Sultana wrote in a letter: “If you cannot stand racism, you may be. be happier if you go back to your hometown, stranger! ”he said it was written.

Stating that the situation is much worse when she speaks for the rights of immigrants, supports the Palestinian people or criticizes former British Prime Minister Tony Blair for the war in Afghanistan, Sultana said:

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“A blasphemous letter said, ‘Our cities are full of Muslims, send them to Pakistan.’ Another suggested that “I should support the Taliban or that I am a Muslim and against endless war”. Mr. President, this Islamophobia does not come from a vacuum. It is neither natural nor established. It is taught from above. These flames are fueled by people in positions of power and privilege.

When a far-right online account targeted me for racial abuse, claiming Muslims are an occupying army, a Tory MP responded by insulting me rather than explaining his racism. I pointed out in Parliament that the Prime Minister (Boris Johnson) fanned those flames and made fun of Muslims and Blacks when English football stars were the victims of infamous racism, and in the House of Commons, the minister told me to be careful of my “tone of voice.” But Mr. President, while none of this is pleasant, I know that the worst effects of Islamophobia and racism are not only in abusive language, in its policies and political decisions. “

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Muslim MP in England recounts Islamophobic attacks he suffered in tears


Recalling that this Saturday will be the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks in the United States, Sultana described the attack as a terrible act of mass murder.

Declaring that the ‘war on terror’, initiated by George Bush and Tony Blair, created a narrative that many people would readily accept from the start, the Labor MP said: ‘Muslims have been described as a security threat which required discipline and repression wherever we were. ” noted.

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Noting that there were false links between Iraq and the 9/11 attacks abroad, Sultana said it was also the context of the wars in the Middle East, which give “false legitimacy” to a war that concerns oil rather than the security of the British. citizens.

“For us, that has meant eroding individual civil liberties and targeting Muslims in particular, with policies like the Prevention Program, which has shown that many research and human rights groups discriminate against Muslims,” he said. said MP Sultana. he said.

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Emphasizing that young people are only referred to this program because they wear a headscarf or wear the “Free Palestine” badge, Sultana continued:

“I knew that in college, and I was scared too. When I could criticize Blair and Bush for illegal wars, I was scared to speak in class. As I grew older, I hoped things would improve, but it got worse. Today let’s cancel the Prevention Program, our prime minister, the Muslims. He makes fun of him by comparing him to a box office or a bank robber. “

Muslim MP in England recounts Islamophobic attacks he suffered in tears


“Europe and Islam are one of the most important and formidable problems of our future,” said William Shawcross, journalist and author appointed to head the Sultana prevention program. reminded me of what he said.

Speaking of the problems within her own party, Sultana said: “Islamophobia is very real in Britain today. This is something I know very well, but it cannot be defeated on its own. Those who propagate this hatred are not only targeting Muslims; they target blacks, they target Jews, they target Roma and wandering communities. “Solidarity brings security, and only by uniting our struggles can we overcome racism.” noted.

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