Mutant strain of Kovid-19 discovered in Venezuela

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said in a statement on state television that the faster infectious type of Kovid-19, which is seen in Chile, Ecuador and Peru, has also been detected in his own country.

Pointing out that the case emerged in the province of Zulia on the Colombian border, Maduro said: “This case is now flowing in Colombia, we recently detected that the British variant of Kovid-19 has arrived in our country from Colombia. ” used the expression.

Maduro has warned the public that he has taken the necessary precautions at the border, but the number of cases and deaths has risen too much in Colombia in recent days.

In Venezuela, the mutated type of Kovid-19 observed in Brazil has already been detected in 3 cities.

On the other hand, 240,000,714 people have caught Kovid-19 in Venezuela so far, 2,000,708 people have died.

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