NASA announced … We found a “strange” Earth-like planet!

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NASA has announced that a new planet has been discovered in a joint study with the University of New Mexico. While the planet was called “TOI-1231 b”, it was announced that it resembled the Earth despite all its “strange” aspects.

According to information published in The Independent, a new planet has been discovered during studies carried out in cooperation with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and the University of New Mexico.

This new found planet is very similar to Earth and only takes 24 days to orbit the sun. This means that time on the planet will pass very quickly, and a person who lives there will age quickly.

The planet, called TOI-1231b, where a year lasts only 24 days, orbits a red dwarf star and is similar in size to Neptune.

The new planet is eight times closer to its star than Earth is to the sun. Under normal conditions, this proximity is enough to make the planet uninhabitable. However, since the energy of the red dwarf is much lower than that of our Sun, the temperature of TOI-1231b is quite similar to that of the Earth.

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It is estimated that the planet, similar in size to Neptune, may have a large atmosphere of hydrogen or hydrogen-helium or a more dense atmosphere of water vapor. Scientists believe there may be water and clouds in the planet’s atmosphere, which they describe as “weird.”

“Future observations of this new planet will allow us to determine how common or rare it is for water clouds to form around these temperate planets,” Jennifer Burt of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory told TOI-1231b , which has an atmosphere of about 57 degrees Celsius.

“One of the most intriguing results of exoplanet science over the past two decades is that none of the new planetary systems we’ve discovered so far resemble our own solar system,” Burt said. These planets orbit in orbits shorter than Mercury, the planet closest to the sun, and are either Earth or Neptune-sized planets.

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