NATO Secretary General Stolteberg: No plans to change Kosovo peacekeeping mission

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In a joint press conference held after his meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic at NATO Headquarters, Stoltenberg answered the question of whether US or NATO forces will withdraw from Kosovo.

“There has been no change.” Stoltenberg said the 30 NATO member states have continued to engage in the KFOR mission.

“KFOR’s mission is the most concrete expression of NATO’s commitment to the region. We are here to protect all communities in the region and ensure freedom of movement,” said Stoltenberg. mentionned.

Recalling that the KFOR mission had been implemented with UN authorization, Stoltenberg said there was no change in KFOR’s plans.

Stoltenberg asked for the accuracy of the news regarding the increase in the number of troops in the KFOR mission by countries neighboring Serbia, such as Croatia, and said the number of soldiers serving in KFOR and the contributions members could change over time.

“Regardless of which NATO ally is providing troops, they all act under the same mandate and framework on the basis of the UN mandate that all NATO members agree to “said Stoltenberg. He spoke.

Thanks to Croatia’s contribution to KFOR, Stoltenberg stressed that Croatian soldiers also serve in Kosovo under the same authority and framework.

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