NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg: NATO is on alert due to Russia’s aggressive behavior

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French President Emmanuel Macron and Stoltenberg met in Paris, the capital of France.

Speaking at the press conference held after the meeting held at the Elysee Palace, Macron said he expressed his expectations for the NATO summit during the meeting.

Macron said the summit should clarify NATO’s role and priorities and strengthen solidarity with NATO.

Stating that the responsibilities of NATO allies must be fulfilled, international law must be respected, and the interests of the country must not be against the security interests of other allies, Macron said this is happening in Syria, in Libya and the eastern Mediterranean.

Stoltenberg said during his meeting with Macron that they had had extensive discussions on the NATO summit to be held next month and that the summit was a unique opportunity to strengthen the alliance between North America and Europe.

Stating that they will continue to defend NATO’s national air order against authoritarian regimes such as Russia and China, Stoltenberg said he also discussed the situation in Ukraine.

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Stoltenberg said Russia still has troops in and around Ukraine and the number of troops has increased with the latest tension, “We need a peaceful solution.” mentionned.

“NATO is on alert because of the worrying persistence of Russia’s aggressive stance.” Using his statement, Stoltenberg also said they adhere to a dual approach with Russia in the context of defense and dialogue.

Stoltenberg said that NATO has stepped up efforts to train soldiers in Iraq to fight terrorism, that they expect Western countries to give more support to the Sahel region and that they have opened a new page in Afghanistan, where they are trying to end their military presence.

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