New corona measurement from the Netherlands: it was free

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As of today, the government has started sending letters to nearly 8 million homes across the country with a password required to request a free antigen test online.

In the letters sent by the Dutch Ministry of Health, in addition to the test request code, there is also a note stressing the importance of getting tested. The ministry stresses the importance of testing before meeting other people at school, at work or at events.

Last year, measures were tightened in the Netherlands as early as the fall, after the rapid rise in Covid cases after the summer vacation. The government wants to make maximum use of free tests so that the same situation does not happen again this year.

That’s why everyone returning from vacation is encouraged to take a self-test, even if their vaccinations have been done and there are no signs of infection. People with complaints will continue to receive free PCR tests at public health centers.

Rapid tests will be delivered to citizens within 1.5 weeks of being requested. High school and college students will also be able to take free tests in their schools.

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Dutch people returning from vacation abroad are invited to self-assess 2 and 5 days after arrival.

The government has also launched a media campaign to promote the practice of self-testing.

The Dutch Community Health Center (GGD) has also started distributing free self-tests to passengers returning from abroad at airports.

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