New research has revealed … It has been announced how long a person can live!

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One study found that humans can live up to 120 to 150 years at most.

According to news from The Hill journal, the results of the study examining the relationship between aging and stress management were published in the journal Nature Communications.

As part of the research, participants’ stress resistance was measured based on medical data from volunteers from the UK and US and data collected from the smartphone app.

Scientists noted that as subjects got older, their ability to heal diminished.

As a result of the study, it was reported that people can live up to 120 to 150 years at most.

Timothy V. Pyrkov, head of the study, said the older we get, the longer it takes for ailments to heal.

In the study, it was pointed out that even the healthiest participants have the same basic aging criteria, and it was revealed that a long healthy life is not possible by preventing or treating diseases.

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Scientist Andrei Gudkov, who contributed to the research, also noted that if the right treatments are not developed to delay aging, the prevention and treatment of age-related diseases cannot change the maximum lifespan. .

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