New research reveals extreme cold is caused by melting glaciers

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According to the BBC report, scientists conducted a study examining the effect of arctic warming due to climate change on the winter season in North America and East Asia.

A study in the United States found that there is a relationship between the extreme cold observed in winter and the melting of the polar ice caps. Authorities have warned that it is necessary to prepare for colder weather conditions.

Research has found that melting ice in the Barents and Kara Seas causes increased snowfall over Siberia and the excessive transfer of energy that affects swirling winds in the stratosphere over the Arctic.

After meteorological monitoring of the airflow in the polar region, it was found that the extreme increase in temperature in the region was related to this development. From this point of view, it was reported that the air vortices observed in this region due to the increase in temperature were expanding and reaching lower.

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The study reported that the warming of the Arctic disrupted the flow of the circular wind pattern known as the “polar vortex”. Thus, the warming causes the vortex to stretch, allowing extremely cold air to reach the United States.

Additionally, in research, which found that the expansion has increased since 1979, when satellite observations began, scientists have shown that the spread of these vortices was the main cause of the wave of cold air in l US state of Texas in February of this year.

MIT scientist Dr. Judah Cohen said his research based on observations and models is important in explaining how pole warming affects the earth with hard data.

The research team hopes this research will shatter the misconception that global warming is only associated with an increase in air temperature.

New research reveals extreme cold is caused by melting glaciers

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Dr. Cohen explained that the link between the wave of extremely cold air and drafts in the poles will also help authorities be better prepared to take precautions.

So, he added that it is possible to prevent cold deaths in Texas this year by monitoring changes in drafts.

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