New target for cancer and aging

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BIONTech founders Özlem Türeci and Uğur Şahin said they believe the mRNA technology used in the Corona vaccine will be a solution to many other diseases. While Özlem Türeci said the emergency is fighting cancer, Uğur Şahin said mRNA technology can also be used against biological aging.


Claiming that with this technology, organ aging can be slowed down, Uğur Şahin said in a statement to German newspaper Bild: “You cannot suddenly turn old people into young people like in science fiction movies. But maybe you will be able to completely or partially reverse the aging process of a damaged heart, other damaged or old organs. We firmly believe that one day it will be possible.

teacher. Dr. Özlem Türeci said that the rapid development of a vaccine with mRNA technology also depends on the cooperation of institutions related to the subject. Türeci said: “We hope that the speed and the additional resources needed for this will be transferred (along with the authorities) to other therapies. We also have a high level of urgency when it comes to cancer. COVID-19 was probably a fairly straightforward target as a result. “A prerequisite for further success is our very precise understanding of the biology of a disease,” he said.

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