New York Times flash claim: person killed by US in Afghanistan not an Daesh activist

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The New York Times, in its research into camera recordings of the US drone attack near Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, revealed that the target Zemari Ahmadi did not work for DAESH and this has been alleged. he was not carrying explosives in his vehicle.

In the analysis article in which the details of the research were given, it was pointed out that the US military authorities admitted that they did not know the identity of the person driving the vehicle they attacked, that the heavy equipment loaded into the vehicle by 43-year-old Ahmadi could be “explosive”, and that they did not have specific information on this matter.


As a result of reviewing the footage, it was understood that Zemari Ahmadi, who the United States claims to be a member of DAESH, was working as an electrical engineer at the California-based charity and lobbying organization Nutrition and Education International. (NEI).

Records show Ahmadi and his colleagues distributed food aid to refugees in a Taliban-controlled park in Kabul on the day of the attack and returned home in the afternoon, leaving his friends in the where he had collected them.

As Ahmadi left his colleagues, filling the cans he brought with him and loading them into the vehicle was seen as “explosive” in the footage from the US drone.

It was reported that 10 civilians, including 7 children from the same family, were killed in the attack, in which the NEI employee lost his life as a result of the US airstrike as he entered in the garden of his house.


The New York Times published the footage of Afghan citizen Ahmadi, who was killed by US military officials for allegedly carrying explosives, as he was filling water in the cans he was carrying in the trunk of his white vehicle to take his family to his home without running the water.

The video also included footage of Ahmadi’s work at the headquarters of the NEI charity, of which he has been a member for years.
Moreover, contrary to the claims of the United States, the absence of a second trace of explosion in the video and the photographs examined by the experts was shown as evidence that it did not carry explosives.

On leaving Afghan territory, the United States announced that it had struck a vehicle that it had been following for hours from the air in Kabul on August 29, 2021, claiming that “the Afghan branch of DEASH belongs to DEASH / H elements and launch a attack on Kabul airport “.

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