New Zealand extends Covid-19 bans again

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Prime Minister Ardern, at a press conference in the capital Wellington, made a statement on the new cases of Kovid-19 in the country and the measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus.

Stating that according to test results over the past 24 hours, 11 new cases of Koivd-19 have been recorded, including 3 in Wellington, Ardern said they still do not know the size of the Delta variant, which is linked to a person. from Sydney, Australia.

For this reason, Ardern said the current Level 4 bans in Auckland have been extended until midnight on August 23 to cover the entire country. He says he should do it. used his statements.

After a person was diagnosed with Kovid-19 on August 17 in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, a “full shutdown” was implemented as part of the fourth-level bans, which will last for 7 days and 3 days in the rest. from the country.

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New Zealand, with a population of around 5 million, is one of the countries that has successfully fought the Kovid-19 epidemic.

While 2,968 cases of Kovid-19 have been seen in New Zealand so far, 26 people who have contracted the virus have died.

One in 69 active cases in the country is treated in hospital.

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