News: Accident like massacre: 10 dead including 9 children!

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The highway near Butler County in the US state of Alabama was the scene of an accident such as a massacre.

According to reports from CNN International, a chain traffic accident occurred on the freeway due to a severe storm.

According to the same information, 10 people, including 9 children, were killed in a chain traffic accident involving 18 vehicles.

Forensic specialist Wayne Garlock announced that the ages of the children who died in the crash ranged from 9 months to 17 months.

It was reported that 8 children who lost their lives in the crash were in a vehicle belonging to the Tallapoosa District Girls’ Farm, which protects abused children.

Garlock said the 29-year-old father and 9-month-old daughter, who were in another vehicle, were also killed.

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News: Accident resembling a massacre: 10 dead, including 9 children

Police have opened an investigation into the accident, which was allegedly caused by the storm.

The Alabama Police Department has asked anyone who may have photos or videos of the crash to send them to authorities.

The National Transportation Safety Board also announced that it had sent a team to the area as part of the investigation.

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