Nigeria argues Twitter ban is not a human rights violation

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In a government statement to the ECOWAS Court, it was asserted that such a ban does not violate the freedom of expression of Nigerians.

Noting that freedom of expression is a completely different situation from freedom of access, the statement said: “The decision taken in the country is not a violation of human rights. The decision to suspend Twitter is not contrary to the Nigerian Constitution and the African Convention. on human and peoples’ rights. ”expressions were used.

The ECOWAS Tribunal has the power to ensure respect for the principles of law and equity between the Member States of the Community and the interpretation and application of all other secondary legal instruments accepted by the Community.


Nigerian President Mohammad Buhari, in his Twitter account on June 1, on young rebels who attacked public buildings in the south-east of the country, recalled the civil war which left 1 million dead in the country between 1967- 1970 and said: “We, who fought on the ground for 30 months, will treat them in the language they understand.” Had used the words.

Twitter suspended the account by deleting this post from Buhari.

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Following the incident, the Nigerian government announced on June 4 that Twitter had suspended activities in the country until further notice, and it was announced that those who violate the ban will be prosecuted.

Various non-governmental organizations operating in Nigeria filed a lawsuit against Buhari in the ECOWAS Court on June 9, due to the ban imposed by the government.

The ECOWAS Court yesterday declared its ruling a human rights violation and halted the government’s decision to prosecute those who violated the ban.

Following the Nigerian government decision, a joint statement by the European Union, United Kingdom and United States ambassadors in Abuja said the suspension of Twitter activities was a “violation of freedom of expression.” .

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