Now the money craze has started in Afghanistan … Desperate people continue to queue in front of banks

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In the Afghan capital, Kabul, long lines are forming in front of banks due to insufficient money supply.

The banks, which remained closed for about two weeks after the Taliban took control of Kabul, cannot meet the cash flow needs of the population.

With the fall of the government, there has been an increase of about 15% in the dollar, while the prices of many products have increased.

Afghans waiting outside banks on Shahinov Street, where the banks are located in Kabul, made assessments to AA’s correspondent on the economic crisis in the country.

While hundreds of Afghans cannot withdraw more than 20,000 Afghans (about $ 200) per week, some believe the problems will ease with the formation of the new government.

We see that the Taliban took security measures in front of the banks and lined up people to prevent the stampede.

Worker Cevad Emini said he had been in front of the bank for 2 days. Emini, who wants to move to France if he finds the opportunity, said: “We expect money here. People come for their money. They want to get their wages or their savings.” noted.

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Expressing that the authorities mistreat people who want to withdraw their money, Emini said, “They beat people. In addition, they take advantage of their friends to come in and take their money. noted.

Stating that he intends to go abroad, Emini said: “If the Kabul airport is open, I will sell my properties and leave. I’m sure the majority of people will leave. used the sentences.

Emin Cuyar, an education science student in India, said he had been queuing up at different bank branches for about two weeks: “We plan to withdraw money for a living. Unfortunately, some branches have been closed, some open banks have been closed. very crowded. ”he said.

Cuyar said he had hope for the future of Afghanistan and one day wanted to complete his education and serve his people. Cuyar added that he did not want to leave Afghanistan.

Trader Marwan Muhammedi, meanwhile, said security was assured with the Taliban coming to power, but the new government should now focus on the economy.

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Noting that his turn never came and he returned to the bank today, Muhammedi said: “The people of Kabul face many problems. We want the new system to be announced as soon as possible in order to solve the problems of the people. .” noted.

Muhammedi said he had hope for the country’s future and did not want to live in another country.

New Kabul Bank officials stressed that there was an atmosphere of panic among the population and that they were working at full capacity to resolve the issues in a short period of time.

Emir Hamza Baver, the new head of the Kabul bank, said rumors spread among the public on social media that their money could not be protected in banks. Baver said that people are afraid to deposit money in banks, and people keep their money at home and therefore there is a shortage of money.

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Baver said they were trying to resolve the issue with the money to be obtained from the central bank.

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