Nuclear tension rises: Israel’s declaration “we are accelerating plans for attack on Iran”

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Israel’s chief of staff Aviv Kochavi said they are “dramatically speeding up” plans to attack Iran’s nuclear program.

In a statement to the Israeli website Walla News, Kochavi made assessments on Iran and regional developments.

Stating that the main objective of the IDF is to minimize Iran’s presence in the Middle East, Kochavi argued that with their attacks, Tehran has significantly reduced its presence and weapons on the northern border of Israel.

Expressing that they have “dramatically accelerated” their plans to attack Iran’s nuclear program, Kochavi noted that the increase in Israel’s defense budget was made for this purpose.

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In an August 25 statement, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said Iran is two months away from reaching enough material to develop nuclear weapons, and that his country may need to take a single step to prevent this. .

Mutual assassinations …

Muhsin Fahrizade Fahrizade (59), considered Iran’s “father of nuclear power”, was scanned to death with an automatic weapon after an explosives-laden van exploded near Tehran in November last year. Iranian officials accused Israel of outsourcing to the United States and vowed “revenge.”

Less than a month after this incident, Fahmi Hinavi, a MOSSAD official, was killed following an armed attack in Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel. The attack was called retaliation for the murder of Muhsin Fahrizade, known as Iran’s “father of nuclear power”, by the administration in Tehran. There has been no official statement from the Tel Aviv administration regarding the attack. The armed attack was also ignored by the Israeli media.

Nuclear tension mounts: Israel steps up attack plans against Iran

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Muhsin Fahrizade was in charge of the “Amad” (Hope) project, the secret program Iran allegedly established in 1989 to develop a nuclear bomb.

Although this program was officially ended in 2003, Fahrizade was one of the key figures in sustaining the national nuclear program.

He was also active in signing the 2015 nuclear deal, which Iran signed with the West and Russia, and which US President Donald Trump subsequently withdrew. For this reason, he was at the top of the blacklist of those who were skeptical of Iran’s nuclear program. It was also on the US and UN sanctions list.

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Israeli sources have disclosed that there was an assassination attempt on Fahrizade in 2018. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also targeted Fahrizade in 2018 and said, “Remember that name.” And Fahrizade came under attack at a time when a complete change of power was expected in the United States.

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