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Hours after US President Joe Biden warned of a possible terrorist attack near Kabul airport, US forces carried out an operation targeting Daesh-Khorasan militants preparing to attack Kabul airport. In a written statement from the US Central Forces Command (CENTCOM), it was stated that “US forces attacked a vehicle with an unmanned aerial vehicle in Kabul today and eliminated a possible DAESH-Khorasan threat to the Hamid Karzai International Airport ”.


After the operation, Afghan media wrote that at least 6 people, including 3 children, died in a nearby house. CENTCOM spokesperson Col. Bill Urban said the vehicle was loaded with a large amount of explosives and that there were secondary explosions during the drone attack and that they were evaluating the possibility civilian casualties.


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Speaking to CNN, Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi condemned the US attack. Karimi said the United States should inform the Taliban before the operation and said “it is not fair to conduct an operation on other people’s territory.”

US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill attended a memorial service at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware for the 13 Americans who died in the Kabul terror attack last week.


Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said they wanted their relations with Turkey to be “very good”. Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Mujahid said the Taliban have special forces to provide security at Kabul airport and said they can ask for help from Turkey or another country, if necessary, concerning the logistical and technical needs of the airport. “We also want to establish relations with Turkey in the field of economy,” Mujahid said, and said they needed Turkey’s support in the field of education.


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FRANCE President Emmanuel Macron, speaking to the “Journal du Dimanche” newspaper, noted that France and Britain will present a project to the UN with the aim of “creating a UN-controlled security zone that will help to continue humanitarian operations in Kabul “. “Our proposal aims to define a safe zone in Kabul under UN control which will allow the continuation of humanitarian aid operations,” Macron said, adding that they had had preliminary talks with the Taliban on the humanitarian situation. in Afghanistan and the continuation of evacuations after August 31. .

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