Order for the release of a French woman who killed her rapist husband

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France talks about the court ruling for the woman who killed her rapist husband.

French prosecutors said in court that Valérie Bacot, 40, should not return to prison.

Attorney General Eric Jallet asked the jury: “Should Valérie Bacot return to prison?” Obviously not. He has already been imprisoned for a year, ”he said.

Jallet thus continued his words;

Premeditated murder is by no means self-defense. In the context of domestic violence, it is a premeditated desire to kill. This tribunal must apply the law. But there are different things to consider. The accused suffered violence for a very long time.

Even if the jury finds the woman guilty after this step by the prosecutor, the length of the detention will be considered sufficient.

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In other words, she regained her freedom after this statement by Attorney General Eric Jallet, who is the mother of four children.

The unfortunate woman had suffered years of sexual and physical violence, first by her stepfather then by her husband, Daniel Polette.

Daniel Polette started raping Bacot when Bacot was 12 years old. Later, Polette forced the woman to marry him.

Order for the release of a French woman who killed her rapist husband

Bacot, who had four children as a result of this marriage, confessed in March 2016 to having shot Polette, who forced her into prostitution, and hid her body with the help of her two children.

In his defense before the Assize Court of Eastern France, Bacot declared “I wanted to save myself, me and my children”.

Almost a million people across the country have signed the petition demanding that the charges against Bacot be dropped.

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