Outrageous directive from the Greek Cypriot administration: tearing Ataturk’s page out of English books

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The Greek Cypriot Ministry of Education, by signing a new scandal of hostility against the Turks, has asked secondary school teachers to tear up Ataturk’s page in English books in England and distribute them to students. The scandalous decision prompted the reaction of “Shall we partner with them” within the TRNC.


The Greek Ministry of Education sent an email to English teachers with an “urgent” warning earlier this week when schools started education. In the mail, he was asked to tear up the 36th page of the Secondary 2 English workbook titled “Oxford Discover Futures 3”, which briefly describes Atatürk with the title “Greatest Hero of the Turks”. Greek teachers distributed the books by applying the tear-off directive. In the book, in which are presented the characters who marked the last century, the words “Mustafa Kemal Atatürk founded modern Turkey as a result of the wars in which he participated” are written under the photograph of Atatürk. While some Greek teachers opposed the decision on social media, the education union, Greek Education Minister Prodromos Prodromu, said they would discuss the matter.

Outrageous directive from the Greek Cypriot administration: tearing Ataturk's page out of English books

Atatürk is praised in his book in English.


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The decision to tear up Atatürk’s page caused a big backlash within the TRNC. Kudret Özersay, former foreign minister and leader of the People’s Party, showed the first reaction by saying: “Obviously some parts of the Greek Cypriot side don’t want students to learn that something good can happen in Turkey. . TRNC President Ersin Tatar said: “After this period there is no point in discussing the type of commander and leader Atatürk, the whole world knows. “I condemn this behavior of the Greeks,” he said. Tourism Minister Fikri Ataoğlu said: “Being careful is immoral. Are we going to make peace with them? ”The Greek ministry decided to confiscate the book after the reaction to the instruction“ Detach the page from Ataturk ”.


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The Turkish Foreign Ministry condemned the Greek administration’s order, saying it “reveals the radical level reached by its distorted mentality against Turkey and the TRNC”. In his statement, AK Party spokesman Ömer Çelik said: “No one can erase Atatürk, who is the inspiration of oppressed nations, from history by tearing up textbooks.

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