Outrageous words from the Israeli TV player: I’m sorry they weren’t dead!

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A journalist working for the Israeli TV station was greeted with a reaction to the statement that he regretted that the rocket which struck the Galilee region in the north of the country from Lebanon “did not cause the deaths of many people”.

According to Channel 12 news in Israel, Kobe Finkler (68), the military commentator and chief reporter for Channel 20 TV, speaking to the right in Israel, was kicked out of Lebanon yesterday and fell on land football in the city. Sefa Amr, where Israeli Palestinians live. The statements he made drew attention.

“We are very sorry that this did not lead to the murder of many people over there,” Finkler said of the incident. made his comment.

Finkler later apologized for his statements, saying, “I saw Arabs applauding the rockets fired from Lebanon after the 10-day broadcast. Then I spoke badly instead of saying that (the launch rocket) could unfortunately result in the deaths of many people there. ”He quoted his statement.

However, in the news, Finkler made it clear: “Today we saw 4 more missiles, two of which fell in the sea and one on the soccer field of an Arab town. If there were more fans (in the area), the event could have ended differently. Form expressions have been given.

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Ahmed Tıybi, a member of the Joint Arab List Bloc formed by parties representing Palestinians who are Israeli citizens, condemned Finkler’s comments in a statement on his Twitter account and asked what the Palestinian journalist’s reaction would be if similar rhetoric was heard on The Jews.

Mossi Raz, a member of parliament from the Meretz party, called on Channel 20 to fire Finkler, whom he described as a “supporter of terrorism”, and promised he would not appear on the channel unless he not be returned.

Channel 20 apologized for the incident, saying the incident happened “accidentally”.

The Israeli army announced yesterday that 4 rockets were fired from Lebanon towards the north of the country, one of them was destroyed by the air defense system and three of them fell in the open area.

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The Israeli military continues to hit the Gaza Strip hard with air and ground attacks.

In the IDF statement, it was stated that different areas of Gaza were targeted by fighter jets and artillery fire.

In another statement on the military’s Twitter account, Israeli citizens were urged to stay in protected areas until the next announcement.

As the Israeli attacks continued, according to the AA correspondent, the industrial area east of Gaza was targeted and a large fire broke out in a factory.

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During the attacks, it was also stated that a house in Cibaliya camp, in the Tel Zater area, had been destroyed.

On the other hand, in a written statement made by the armed wing of the Hamas movement, the Izzeddin al-Qassam Brigades, in response to Israel’s intense attacks, it was announced that the Israeli land base in Tselem was the target of rockets. .

The Kassam Brigades also announced that rockets had been sent to the supply and fuel base near Bi’ru’s-Seba (Beersheba), as well as the logistics base of Mishmar HaNegev.

Gaza’s health ministry said in a statement that 230 people, 65 children and 39 women, have died in Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip since May 10, and the number of injured has reached 1,710.

Outrageous words from the Israeli broadcaster: I'm sorry they weren't dead


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The Israeli army arrested 60 Palestinians overnight, in different parts of the occupied West Bank and in Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Prisoners Club, a non-governmental organization known for its work on Palestinians in Israeli jails, said most of the Palestinians arrested were activists and leaders of the Hamas movement.

While the statement said that the number of people arrested reached 60, according to information provided by witnesses, Nayif er-Racub, the director of Hamas in the town of El-Halil, was among those arrested.

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The Palestinian Prisoners Club announced yesterday that a total of 1,800 Palestinians had been arrested by Israeli forces as a result of rising tensions in April.

Outrageous words from the Israeli broadcaster: I'm sorry they weren't dead

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