Palestinian father asks for help with video he took

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Palestinian father Sami Sakullah said in the video he shared on social media that their apartment was bombed and the stairs closed the apartment door: “You see, we were stuck in my house with my wife and my kids. The walls were cracked. We were stranded here. “used the expressions.

After watching the video where Baba Sakullah asked for help, the civil defense teams managed to save the family of the father, mother and 4 children with the ladder they were leaning on the balcony of the house. .

Speaking to a TV channel later, Baba Sakullah shared those moments they experienced.

Expressing that they first heard very loud explosion sounds and then part of their apartment was bombed, Sakullah said they were not damaged because they were sitting on the top floor , but they were stuck in the house because the stairs to the apartment closed the door. .

Stating that residents on the other floors were under rubble and missing people, Sakullah said Israel carried out an attack without warning.

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Sakullah added that even when they were evacuated from the house by stairs by civil defense teams, Israeli attacks around them continued.

Israeli warplanes carried out airstrikes on various parts of Gaza after midnight. Many apartments were destroyed in the airstrike on the Er-Rimal neighborhood in western Gaza.

Muhammed Abu Silmiyye, director of Şifa hospital in Gaza, said 2 Palestinians and 22 wounded who lost their lives in the attacks were taken to hospital.

In a written statement from the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, it was stated that civil defense teams had succeeded in rescuing 5 children from the rubble.

According to the latest data, in the Israeli attacks on Gaza since May 10, 147 Palestinians, including 41 children and 23 women, lost their lives and 1,115 people were injured.

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