Pashinyan is optimistic about early election results

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Pashinyan spoke to his fans on a live broadcast on his Facebook account ahead of the announcement of the final election results. Stating that the Civil Contract Party, of which he is the leader, received a majority of the votes, Pashinyan said, “It is already clear that the Civil Contract Party won a majority in parliament. The votes have not yet been counted. However, we will have a convincing majority. Used the sentences.
Pashinyan said the time has come to restore national and social harmony: “The Armenian people led the second revolution in three years. This time, they led a revolution of ‘steel’ instead of ‘velvet’. ‘ made the statement.

Pashinyan also noted that he intends to expand cooperation with the Collective Security Treaty Organization and the Eurasian Economic Union.
Shortly before Pashinyan’s declaration, 501 ballot boxes were opened in 2008, according to data from the Central Election Commission of Armenia. According to the ballot box, Pashinyan’s Civil Contract Party came first with 59%, while former President Robert Kocharyan’s Armenian Alliance took second place with 18.37%. In the country where there are 2,581,000 93 registered voters, 49.4 percent turnout was achieved in the elections.


Former Chairman of the Armenian Alliance, leader of the Armenian Alliance, Robert Kocharyan, who led the election race in second place, argued that the preliminary preliminary results of the election were “controversial”. Koçaryan also said that these results are not convincing.
Koçaryan said the data on the voting results contradicted the observations they observed in social life for 8 months.
pointed out that there are hundreds of signals indicating planned fraud. Koçaryan said they would demand careful consideration of recorded and suspected election violations, and that they would accept the results of the vote after the whole process.

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